At a time when AI is growing by leaps and bounds, online education is gaining popularity and the younger generation is setting new demands, how do higher education institutions reach, attract and convert prospective students? Here are some of my suggestions:

Build a compelling brand:

Prospective candidates have a vast array of choices to consider – public or private, online or offline, India or Abroad. Amongst other things building a strong education brand is about having up-to-date curricula, experienced faculty, good placement services and above all good engagement with past, present and future students.

Design the customer journey:

Students, and their parents, want different information from the institute before taking their decision. They may need different details before they decide to visit the campus. And when they visit the campus, they may want to see different facilities, meet faculty. A carefully designed customer journey makes sure that they get their queries cleared easily.

Be authentic:

Students are quick to distinguish between fact and marketing hard sell. They ask for proof points rather than general messaging. Communicate authentically about your institution, ensuring prospective students understand your brand positioning, supported by proof points.

Choose the right marketing channels:

Understand your present and future students and their behaviour. Determine your marketing channels based on this understanding. Parents may be easier to reach on Search, Facebook or Instagram. Students may be easier to reach on Instagram and Videos. Social media is evolving constantly so it is important to stay up-to-date and communicate clearly.

Website and Personalization:

Optimize your website for SEO and mobile and have useful, easy-to-read content. Personalize communication with students. Segment students according to their needs and personalize communication accordingly.

Can you think of any other marketing strategies that can boost higher education in 2024? Do share in the comments.

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