Customer Experience Strategy

Delivering exceptional customer experiences consistently to customers is one of the critical differentiators for leading brands today. A strategically designed experience that meets the needs of customers throughout their entire journey increases loyalty, revenue and drives uncommon growth.

Customer Experience can make or break a brand. A positive customer experience generates positive brand opinions. You can’t fully control how customers perceive the experience that they have had with the brand but what you can do is influence that experience by being very intentional about where and how you deliver your brand promise in order to create superlative customer experience that leads to customers who become brand advocates.

To succeed in business, whether B2C or B2B, it’s critical to deliver outstanding customer experiences in person, over the phone, via mobile application, or online. In short, each and every customer touchpoint is critical in delivering superior customer experience.

We help clients supercharge their impact by architecting customer-centric experiences across touchpoints that are actionable and implementable. Evoke Ideation can help you define, measure and improve consumer satisfaction — and profitability — throughout your organization. The challenge is to see the experience from the point of view of the customer not the organisation, and to manage the complexity of multiple touchpoints across a number of different channels which make up the typical customer journey.

How we work

First and foremost, we’ll listen to the customers, people who have done business with you and those who haven’t, to understand what they think about the brand and its customer experience.

We then have discussions with you and your team. We will consult with all departments of your business, especially those that interact with customers directly and understand their operations, the challenges they face and the issues that arise.

We will then approach the business from a customer’s perspective, as a customer. How will a customer interacting with the brand across different touch points find the experience.

Based on what we find we will help design a customer experience strategy for you. This may include all or some of the below:

Customer Journey Mapping

If you do nothing else in the name of customer experience, mapping customer journeys is a must.

Customer Experience Assessment

Find your starting point. How good are we today, really? An objective benchmarking of how aligned your business is to what you want to achieve.

Customer Feedback and Measurement

Ensure your customer feedback and performance tracking programme is aligned with your strategic intent.

Define a Customer Experience Strategy

Create an architectural blueprint for making decisions internally and communicating how you want customers to feel as they interact with you. Articulate just how good do you want to be and what you’re prepared to do about it. Let your employees know what behaviours, attitudes and actions they should exhibit.

CX Workshops & Mentoring

A combination of workshops and mentoring to build the understanding and influence of Customer Experience in your team, senior leadership and other internal stakeholders. A one-day workshop would define what Customer Experience is, why it’s important and how it works across competencies such as cultural leadership, strategy, insight, measurement, innovation and governance.

We are aware that the purpose Customer Experience Management is to help business grow and that is only possible if it doesn’t get associated with very high costs. Our strategies for Customer Experience keep that close in mind.

If you think we might be able to help develop your customer experience capabilities do please get in touch.