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A one-of-its-kind Wikipedia-like website on the religious scriptures. The website, called SIGHT, carries articles, videos and audio messages explaining the scriptures in different religions and languages. The website also has a search function where a user can search for how different religions interpret different facets of life. The website needed to get more users and visitors and to do that they needed to explain how it works and helps.


A short video highlighting the use and benefits of the website was developed.


Monist has developed a website on spiritual information. The website called SIGHT (Spiritual Information Guide & Help Tool) carries articles, videos and audio messages to convey knowledge on varied topics as defined by different religions of the World.


The website has two challenges:
1. Because of the backgrounds of its founders most of the content is on Hinduism. The website needs to attract contribution from scholars in other religions too
2. For further development the website needs sponsorship from different organizations.
Both these challenges need the website to increase its base of registered users as well as visitors. However since the content on the website is comprehensive, users may find the website difficult to use.


We created a film that could be used for promotion as well as to show visitors how to use the site. In order to keep it interesting while still educational we built it around a story while also keeping the length short.


The video has received positive feedback from users and religious scholars. Content is already being received on an ongoing basis.

Evoke Ideation’s strategy to sell the benefits of associating with SIGHT through a film has worked out very well for us. The film has been very well received and we are hopeful to have enough content to launch the website to public soon. Of course, we intend to work with Evoke at that stage as well

Mr. Jyothindran M Managing Director, Monist Inc, Austin TX, USA