There are two types of engagements that brands and companies need to look into. The first is customer engagement, which every company needs to do to connect with its customers and to understand them better. The second is brand engagement which is the emotional or rational bond that a brand has with its consumers. These are both equally important to any company. While most companies are aware of customer engagement and have some or the other means of customer engagement, not too many companies understand brand engagement and its importance in building loyal customers who will be the brand’s strongest advocates.

In the past, there was little if any, brand engagement and it was not something that brands focused on much. Most of the communication was one-way and interaction was limited to the sales counter. Social media changed that. Now brands can interact with consumers. They can get a better understanding of their likes and dislikes,

So what does a brand need to do to get proper brand engagement? Here are 4 important criteria:

Get To Know Your Customer:

Understand who your customers are. What they value. How they make their decisions. Today, marketers have an immense amount of data on their customers. Proper analysis will give you a clear picture about the majority of your brand’s customers preferences like what shows they watch, where they see your ads when they are most likely to buy your brand etc.

Management Commitment:

To build brand engagement you have to be honest at all times. Consumers will only connect with brands that display honesty. While engaging with your customers be prepared for negative comments and harsh feedback. Replying and acting on them honestly requires management commitment and internal discipline.

Be Boldly Honest:

In online reviews, on social media comments or on blogs, consumers will post feedback. This is the best way to know what they feel about your brand. Make it a point to reply to reviews and comments on your page with total honesty. Positive feedback cheers everybody. A negative one is time to acknowledge that work needs to be done. Make sure that negative feedback is attended to immediately.

Support A Social Or Cultural Movement:

Every society has its own issues. Whether they are natural calamities or social-cultural issues such as women’s safety. Engagement evolves when a brand’s campaign recognizes or reflects such issues that concern its customers.

More than sharing knowledge about their product, successful brands tell full and riveting stories. These brands share purposeful stories that align with the values of the consumer. These stories reflect values that consumers are concerned and at the same time connect the consumer to the brand.

When brands embrace cultural relevance and emotional connection, it can lead to new ways for consumers to engage with the brand.

Based on these powerful approaches to creating brand engagement, brands must adhere to an insight-driven strategic platform, make their customers feel like the heroes of the story, and advocate for the value of building long-term engagement.

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