Mediwing Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

DB Tone

DB Tone was an existing Ayurvedic preparation from Mediwing that was used to treat diabetes. Formulated by a leading Ayurvedic physician, DB Tone, had proved to be effective and was liked by customers who used it. However, there were many other Ayurvedic diabetes formulations in the market. Some from leading pharmaceutical companies that had big marketing budgets.

Since other pharmaceutical companies had Ayurvedic preparations for different ailments they were more well known and pharmacists were more open to stocking their products. Moreover, DB Tone and Mediwing were not well known to create demand at the counter.

The need to was to generate customer demand at the pharmacists so that they would stock DB Tone.
Since the product had proven efficacy, the need was to educate customers. Diabetes is a debilitating disease that affects lifestyle and patients are ready to try new products provided they are effective.
We decided to use the testimonial route in our communication. No one is more convincing that someone who has used the product and benefitted.
A limited press campaign together with outdoor and print material was launched

Sale showed a marked increase
There was also an increase in the number of enquiries coming to the company from pharmacists.

“In a competitive market with numerous Ayurvedic diabetes remedies and clearly dominant brands, our advertising strategy helped us to stand out and get considerable interest from customers”

 Cdr RM Nair, Managing Director, Mediwing Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd