Monist Inc., USA

A video to attract contributions to their web portal

Monist is developing a website on spiritual information. The website called SIGHT (Spiritual Information Guide & Help Tool) will carry articles, videos and audio messages to convey knowledge on varied topics as defined by different religions of the World. Currently the website is in advanced development stage.

Most of the content on SIGHT is currently from Hindu scriptures. In order to have people refer to the website for any religious information, content from other religions is also needed. Only then can the website get more registered users and regular visitors.

The need was to contact different religious institutions and ask them to submit content. However these are located around the World and sending them presentations would not deliver results. The idea was to create a film that would explain SIGHT and outline its benefits to viewers. Accordingly a short 3 and half minute video was created and was circulated.

The video has received positive feedback from users and religious scholars.
Content is already being received on an ongoing basis.

“Evoke Ideation’s strategy to sell the benefits of associating with SIGHT through a film has worked out very well for us. The film has been very well received and we are hopeful to have enough content to launch the website to public soon. Of course, we intend to work with Evoke at that stage as well”

Mr. Jyothindran M., Managing Director, Monist Inc, Austin TX, USA