Heiley Spaces Pvt Ltd

Zoot Executive Hotel

Heiley Spaces had begun construction on a budget executive hotel in Kakkanad, Cochin’s IT district. They were looking to build a brand and attract investors before the launch of the project.

There are a number of hotel projects, both completed and upcoming, in the neighbourhood. The need was to clearly segment the market, develop a positioning based on the target market and create a brand identity that will be both unique as well as memorable.

A budget executive hotel segment in an IT district caters to the junior level executives in IT companies. These are young, trendy individuals who are connected and expect high standards at reasonable prices.

Brand name and brochure for investors was created
The project has been able to attract investors

“We received tremendous support from Pradip. He worked as part of the team to create from scratch the brand and the hotel’s identity. His inputs on the services and features of the hotel have been invaluable.”

Anas Mullassery, Managing Director, Heiley Spaces Pvt Ltd